Books for Sale in Stanford, CA

Organic Chemistry: Vollhardt & Schore fifth edition. Book, solutions manual, and model kit were opened but only used once. $140 obo. Entire package from bookstore is over $200.
Selling Books, Coursereaders, Notes/materials for the following classes: Econ 51/52 Econ 102A CS 106 B/X E60 MS&E 142 MS&E 245G MS&E 120 MS&E 134 Physics 41/43/45 Email me the name of the book and the course you are taking and you can come pick up the book for half bookstore price. If I have notes,homeworks,tests for the class, I'll throw them in as well for free.
Psychology eighth ed. by Gross Like New. Cheaper than the Bookstore's used price of $107 and rental price of $69
Spring eight course reader $35 OBO- some highlighting/ underlining. check with the professor to make sure using this version is ok for the class. Goodbye to All That- $16 super condition Journey into the Whirlwind- $13 super condition Survival in Auschwitz- $9.50 underlining and highlighting. bought used from bookstore. Born Red- $8 lots of underlining. Fires of Hatred- $8 bought used from book...
Econ 51 ???????????????? Intermediate Microeconomics Varian seventh Edition Econ 52 ???????????????? Macroeconomics Abel sixth Edition Econ 102B ???????????????? Into to Econometrics Stock second Edition Econ 140 ???????????????? Investments Bodie seventh Edition
WANTED: MS&E 107/207 book "Decision Making with Insight"
MS&E 273 / ENGR 145 textbook Byers 2ed with unopened DVD, exceptional condition, $70
Brand New textbooks that help you to save BIG $$! 1. MS&E 223 Simulation - $40 Simulation Modoeling & Analysis - fourth Edition - Averill M. Law - Brand New!! 2. MS&E 240 Industrial Accounting - $40 Accounting Info for Decision Making - third Edition - A combination of Financial Accounting (sixth Edition) by Walter T Harrison and Charles T Horngren and Cost Accounting: A Managerial Emphasis (12...
I am selling the book Accounting for Managers and Entrepreneurs (5th Edition). I bought the book in this summer for $196 from the bookstore. I am selling the book for $120. The book is in terrific condition. I did not write on the book so it does not have any annotations or markings.
https://www.amazon.com/Version-Control-Git-collaborative-development/d New book purchased a year ago
Prices negotiable: For CS 107: Computer Systems A Programmer s Perspective Selling for 80$ (Optional): The C Programming Language 20$ For MATH104: Numerical Linear Algebra by Trefethen 50$ For MATH115: Elementary Analysis: The Theory of Calculus Ross $40 For MATH 131P: Partial Differential Equations: An Introduction by Walter A. Strauss 60$ with Solution Manual For CS 103: Theory of Computation...
Let me know if you've got a copy.
Levandosky + Colley + Licata for $125 total
Pavia: Intro to Spectroscopy $60 ($160 used at the bookstore) Pavia: OChem Lab I and II $65 ($70 used at the bookstore) $120 for both
Price negotiable. Email back if interested.
It is almost exactly the same as the global financial crisis edition, with only very few differences toward the end of the book. I used this book last year, and didn't have any trouble with the edition at all. Marcelo probably won't use problems from the textbook, so you will be very fine with this book. Asking for 80 dollars OBO. Negotiable.
Selling: Differential Equations with Boundary Value Problems 3e by Brannan and Boyce for $150 Bookstore price: $220 My price: $150 Mint condition!
Like new, with a little bit of highlighting. It costs $107 used at the bookstore.
Book like new with complete audio CDs (fourth edition) at the book store $199.50 SALE: $120
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