FREE - Bought in 2014. Gently used. - It is in working condition. - there is no any service plan.
Free retro Seventeen Magazines from the mid 60's through early 70's. Great to read, give as gifts, or sell on ebay. Picture is example of the collection. Take as few or as many as you want.
I have about 20 large-ish shells that my kids collected at a beach when they were little. It can be used for an art project, etc.
Box of purple beavertail cactus
8 boxes available. Mixed sizes. Size of a large shoebox or slightly bigger. 1/2 Trader Joe's bag of air filled plastic for shipping. In your reply please tell me when you can swing by for a porch pickup.
Partially constructed kit. All important parts seem to be present. Instruction booklet included. Porch pickup. Please tell me when you can swing by!
Three drawers on the left side and a pencil or keyboard drawer, cubbies and a light above the desktop. It's in pretty good condition and everything works great, but it needs a good dusting and polish. (Photo looks worse than it really is, once it's polished.) Could be refinished quite simply, --including the roll-top fabric, which I did when it was nude wood. Please provide proposed date/time o...
Used, on my former Audi A4
Used for 2 years. Got a smaller one to fit better in 2nd shower.
(1) Yellow, more like a football or cat's eye in shape, no scent I can detect. (1) Purple, circular, with 2 purple flowers and 2 evergreen pieces in the outer wax, also no scent I can detect. Both used some when the power went out; they still have lots of life left.
Received both as giveaways: (1) white with red specks, says "ACDelco" (1) red from fraternity/sorority rush
Approximately 100 red bricks. Most have no mortar..a few are new. Great for pavers or a wall or ???
If you don't want to wear them, they would still be great for use as garden ties, costumes, crafts, etc. I have MANY (3-4 dozen?) pairs of new nylons and tights available. I am pretty sure they are all new or at last nearly new; some are still in packages. Others came in bulk packages so I'm not quite sure. Most will be Queen size. Brands vary but are primarily L'Eggs and Silkies. Colors are pr...
Blue denim couch, large enough for a twin sized sheet to sleep. Signs of wear, but no rips, just like a worn pair of jeans. Perfect for the basement hang out room. Must pick up tonight or tomorrow.
I'm not positive but I think this is a dog bed cover. I found it buried in my linen closet and I have no use for it as I no longer have a dog. It is roughly 36" by 41" by 4"
Please respond with pick up day and time for porch pick up. Thanks!
Please respond with which book you want and when you can pick up from our porch (Mountain View). Mockingjay (part of the Hunger Games series) The Perks of Being a Wallflower Introduction to managerial accounting Spanish English dictionary - missing cover and in rough condition but if your kids is also rough on books might be good for them Calligraphy Project Kit Religious books I Don't Have Eno...
Has a page per day. First 6 pages gone (starts Jan 7). Here's the kicker it says 2013 on the front but the dates actually match up for 2019. Please respond with date and time for porch pick up.
Top portion of Room and Board Fort bunk bed available, with mattress, for free. Twin benchmade natural steel frame with hand-welded joinery, in like-new condition. Barely used twin mattress included. Though we've only had this bed for about a year, my daughter has decided that she prefers to use just one part of the bunk bed. Unfortunately, we don't have room to store the top part so it's yours...
*Can't be left on porch. * If interested, please reply with a few times you can pick up. Round container with a lid. Elephant pattern. Has a thin crack so not good for liquids but is fine for non-liquid items. Approx 8.5 diameter. Thank you.
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