Hi there, A Chinese teenagers tour will come to visit Stanford University from July August second-fourth (2.5 days). English Tutors (Native speaker/Stanford student/postdoc/faculty/staff) are wanted for these 2.5 days. It can be very flexible what you teach them. You can teach them how to learn English, or American culture, or Stanford campus life and so on.It will be very interesting and a lot...
We are looking for a Math tutor to work with a 10th grader who is learning Honor Tri & Algebra II. We need the tutor to help her on school math as well as helping her to prepare for SAT Math and SAT II Math Subject Test. Please email your resume, contact info to: XXXX@gmail.com Requirements: * excellent math foundations and analytic skills * excellent communication abilities and good at explain...
Stanford Researcher with an Econ PhD and Finance Masters offers afternoon/evening/weekend tutoring in Economics, Finance, Econometrics, Statistics, Mathematics, Accounting, STATA, research project coaching. Background with MBA and PhD students.
Some high students would like to take some Kaggle competition (including non-competitive competition like the house price one) and need a paid tutor/instructor. Anyone having fair Kaggle background or rank, feel free to contact me via this post or email: XXXX@gmail.com . Thanks, Steven
Looking for a tutor for CS221 who will meet 1-2 times a week throughout the quarter on campus. Pay : $50/hour, it is negotiable depending on the applicant. Please include few lines about your education, current year or job and phone number while replying.
I am studying for an exam and need help over the next 2 weeks.
Tutor need for exam for Game Theory and Economic Applications class: Introduction to game theory and its applications to economics. Topics: strategic and extensive form games, dominant strategies, Nash equilibrium, subgame-perfect equilibrium, and Bayesian equilibrium. The theory is applied to repeated games, voting, auctions, and bargaining with example
Look for a CS103 tutor before the upcoming final exam to help review topics. If interested please reach out. Thanks!
Looking for someone to meet me at either Clinical Excellence Research Center, 75 Alta Rd (where I'm a post-doc), or the Department of Psychiatry, 401 Quarry Rd (where I work on Fridays). I'm looking for someone to help me practice memorization for 30-45 minutes between 8-9am any day of the week. If afternoon is better, I can meet anytime at or after 4:45pm. You don't really need to have any par...
Hi, I bought a car and have my driving permit. Initially, I received driving lessons from a driving school. If someone can just sit next to me while I am driving would help me to practice before my behind-the-wheel exam. I will pay for this. Please reply if you are interested.
We live on campus and we would love to have a tutor to teach math to our children seventh and second graders. If you are interested, please email me with your teaching background, and your rate/hour.
Looking for a Math tutor for seventh grader to start immediately. Background with tutoring is preferred. if you are interested email me describing your background and how much you charge per hour.
1-2 hours per week of homework help CS 107 On Campus
Looking for someone good at writing to tutor a high-school student aiming at SAT writing Start anytime you are ready Location: Palo Alto Time and price negotiable Please email me your previous background in tutoring writing if you are interested
I need a tutor for game theory. Will pay well. Please message me.
My young children (7 and 8) will be in Stanford over the summer. We would like someone who can help them keep up and develop their math skills over the summer. Native Mandarin speakers please.
I am a decent driver, but need to brush up on my driving before my drive test on June fourth. I need: 1) Someone to tutor me for a couple of hours before June fourth. 2) Take me to the Redwood City DMV on June fourth (8:30am - 11:30am) The tutor should be okay with lending/using his car - I don't have 1 yet. Willing to pay ~$100. Thanks!
Hi, I am seeking an MCAT tutor to meet with me approx once a week. Need someone who will push me to work harder and will teach me the material. Requirements: - Good Score on the MCAT - preferably already in Med School Rate is negociable Let me know if you are interested!
Dear Stanford community, The mission of CampusDrive LLC is to promote culture exchange for Chinese students to visit the United States and background American class/education. We are looking for 2-3 passionate part time teachers to teach international students who will visit Stanford around February 2017. Applicant will be Master or PhD Students or Postdoc, Native speaker or great oral English,...
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